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Published January 10, 2018

Following a grueling day working in the baseball fields, striking out again and again, an exhausted Adam Dunn returned home to his wife only to be handed a list of best asa slowpitch bats 2018 that she wanted done around the house.

“After swinging and missing nine, ten, twelve times, I don’t really have the energy to replace the bathroom mirror or clean out the garage” said the Chicago White Sox designated hitter as he gingerly craned his neck to one side and began massaging a sore muscle. “When you whiff as frequently as I do, it really takes a toll on your back and shoulders. Just once I’d like to get home after a four strikeout night and be able to relax without getting nagged to death.”

Dunn says he’s growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of respect he receives from his wife regarding his occupation, especially when she claims that she herself “could just go out there and miss the ball every time.”

I don’t connect with pitches, but I’m always telling the guys behind me (in the lineup) what the pitcher is throwing and stuff,” says Dunn, currently hitting .173 in the first year of a $56 million contract. “She acts like I don’t do anything all day, but that’s my role on this team. Clearly she doesn’t understand the intricacies of being a major league hitter.”

Friends and family say the pressure Dunn feels to maintain the league lead in strikeouts has placed an unhealthy strain on their marriage.


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